The City of Power and Progress cannot live up to its name without the growth and involvement of the city and area communities.  The creation of the Columbus Area Future Fund will help ensure future generations the opportunity to promote entrepreneurship, develop leadership skills, retain and recruit youth, and enhance economic development activities. 


The Columbus Area Future Fund (formerly the Columbus Area Community Foundation Fund), through an unrestricted endowment, will work with other non-profit entities in ensuring their viability and service to area communities as well building a substantial unrestricted fund for future projects.  Through voluntary donations and estate planning, individuals will be creating a lasting memorial of their success and progress in the Columbus area for generations to come.


The Fund encourages people from all walks of life to give back to their community by providing a full range of gift opportunities. A volunteer Fund Advisory Committee works actively to increase charitable giving and award grants to worthwhile organizations that are addressing the emerging needs and future opportunities in our community. 


The Fund enhances the quality of life and helps create new opportunities in the Columbus area by:

  • Supporting and strengthening local nonprofit organizations

  • Providing innovative ways for donors to benefit their community

  • Identifying needs and making grants in our community

  • Participating in partnerships with other community groups


As an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, all contributions to the Columbus Area Future Fund are tax-deductible. The Nebraska Community Foundation is confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, and has met the nation’s highest philanthropic standards of operational quality, integrity and accountability.



In the Columbus area, everyone works collaboratively to build economic, cultural and educational opportunities for all residents and to continually create a healthy, welcoming community with an exceptional quality of life.



The mission of the Columbus Area Future Fund is to financially empower the Columbus area to enhance its own quality of life by encouraging charitable donations that establish and ensure lasting legacies.



The Columbus Area Future Fund values:

  • Collaboration with other organizations and people;

  • Inclusion as we work with diverse people and groups;

  • Integrity in our commitments to donors, partners, and those in whom we invest ( maintaining confidentiality, complying with the law, and following donor intent);

  • Progressive thinking as we invest in a direction that moves our area community forward;

  • Stewardship in how we use resources given to us to positively impact our area;

  • Self-Reliance of partners and organizations;

  • Entrepreneurial thinking in ourselves and those with whom we work.

The Columbus Area Future Fund (formerly Columbus Area Community Foundation Fund) is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation and strives to build a community endowment to promote local leadership development, entrepreneurship, youth engagement and community philanthropy.  Your gift will be used to advance those efforts and ensure dollars are available locally for use in determining our region’s future.

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Contact CAFF:


P.O. Box 1734
Columbus, NE 68602

The Columbus Area Future Fund is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 charitable non-profit corporation. 

The Columbus Area Future Fund is a founding member of the Columbus Area Philanthropy Council.

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